By Tryfan46

Glebe Cottage

A fine walk in warm, even hot sunshine from St Ives to Houghton Mill alongside the River Great Ouse and back along the other side through the villages of Hemmingford Abbots and Grey.

The three villages were chockablock with beautiful homes including many chocolate box (or jigsaw) thatched cottages such as this. A very affluent area for us window shoppers!

The extra is of St Ives bridge, with one of a handful with a chapel built on a bridge. It’s a wonderful sight as is the little quayside through the bridge. The town really makes the most of its long-standing historic connection with the river and trade - the town centre is named “The Old Riverport”

I didn’t realise that the St Ives in the riddle “as I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives….” Was this St Ives not the one in Cornwall.

A good drive home too with only the slightest of delays at the Dartford Crossing. Not long at home as we’re travelling to Shropshire for my in 8 days time for my cousin’s funeral

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