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By rsdphotography

The End Of The Day

Today was a tough one. It started with a trip to the dentist for a temporary crown. No Novocain this time as my dentist prodded and pulled trying to get a tightly formed crown in place. After 40 minutes on this my fourth trip, I was good to go but already dreading returning for the permanent version when we get back from vacation.

Then I was off to get new shocks installed on our vehicle. The mechanic got one of the old ones off and compared a new one, which turned out to be five centimeters too short. Did I have the receipt from the auto parts store? Well, not with me, but I could ride my bicycle the 10 km back to our apartment in the 90º heat and 70% humidity and get it. Which I did. I think I was expecting them to help me exchange the shocks at the auto parts store (once I had the receipt), but something was lost with my limited understanding of the language and they ended up putting the old shocks back on, leaving the return process to me. Fortunately, I ran into our Spanish instructor when I got back to the apartment and he volunteered to help me get things straightened out. Another trip to town, this time in the air conditioned comfort of my still-bouncy vehicle, led to the discouraging news that the shocks available for any 2005 Mountaineer are all the same size. No one can explain why these are too short. I did, however, get my money back.

This is a long winded explanation as to why this image of a nearly drained glass of wine is the featured image. The photo is a little out of focus, kind of like my state of mind with the ever present heat and tiredness of such activities, but the wine was an end of the day treat I truly thought I had earned.

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