By Ridgeback13


Woke to another gorgeous day…my favourite of blue skies, wall to wall sunshine and a nip in the air. After RL left for her conference we set off rather than messing about at home and were at Yellowcraig car park by 10.30, ready for a good walk. The tide was out, which gave us the huge expanse of sand to explore (much hilarity trying to get K across the wetter parts without getting water in her trainers!), and as we walked we looked for interesting things to pick up, took photos of different sand patterns and the waves and shells, and tried to identify birds…saw oyster catchers, groups of sanderlings skitting along the shoreline like little busybodies, and rock pipits. We were channeling Ken and ‘doing beach’!
Stunningly beautiful….we were feeling very invigorated when we got to North Berwick. Had a pootle round the shops then lunch of fish and chips/crab salad and chips at the Rockateer which was as always very tasty.
The walk back was harder…the tide was in so we had to walk on the soft sand, and the wind had built up and we were walking directly into it, so we worked off those chips battling along! Still good to be out in the sun and fresh air though, and didn’t take much longer than on the way there.
Stopped at Archerfield walled garden for a little look around and had a pot of tea. When we sat down for it we realised how tired we were, so after stopping for some food supplies on the way home and sticking a chicken into the oven we collapsed on the sofas!
When RL came home we had supper together and watched/talked nonstop throughout Strictly, with me demonstrating key elements (well, comedy versions!!) of the rumba and samba to the other two as they’d never watched before. Lot of laughs. Another great day.

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