Keith B

By keibr

Spanish Landscape

Another long day’s drive but it was fun to see such varied environments as we drove our 400+ kilometres. There were several varieties of desert, wide flat plains, dissected plateaus, short sharp ranges of hills, and then greener areas, and finally as we entered the Pyrenees, steep valleys and high crags.
We crossed the watershed in Andorra, passing the ski area I blipped from in Feb/March. It was fun to see it free of snow!
Finally we dropped down into France and Jan found an excellent French “Aire de service camping car”. A quiet place next to the station (just a few quiet trains) with services and mostly free. In the morning I expect the bakery will do good business from the 8 campervans parked here!
Finally up-to-date again with one backblip plus this one for today!

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