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Ely ...........

 ............ Cathedral in the sunshine.

Ely Cathedral info .......

Took a ride out to see some new doors for the kitchen -  it's been an ongoing saga with three lots delivered - all either damaged or poorly finished - not to mention an ongoing hassle with Himself who "doesn't want black - the whole bl**dy kitchen is black" - I DO want almost black (charcoal or similar) to go with the units that were fitted over two years ago.

Had a wander round Ely - haven't been there since before Mum died when we went for her birthday lunch there one year - the weather was kind but very chilly out of the sun.   I did have the roof down on the car (going and returning) but with the heater on, heated seats on and the warm "air scarf" blowing around my neck!!!!!   
I'm a tough Yorkshire lass but I'm not daft.....................  :o))

Anyway, the upshot of the door search was a success (charcoal grey - haven't told Himself yet!!!  Oooops).   They weren't the ones I originally liked online which, when I saw them in the flesh as it were, didn't look anywhere near as nice as the photos.   I sensibly took a piece of kitchen with me for matching purposes!

Now just got to order them and raid the bank account  -  boo-hoo.

~ Anni ~

This is Tuesday uploaded on Wednesday morning.

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