Who am I to disagree?

By longshanks

Long Lost, Harlan Coben

Started on the train yesterday, finished in bed this morning - 10:30 still counts as morning and is a respectable time still to be in bed, okay!

Not my first Harlan Coben and certainly won't be my last, mind you when you've "discovered" a new author it's probably a good idea where there's a series with a main character it's probably a good idea to try and read them in sequence - I'll go and do some homework now.

Anyway a bit of an eye update - you may remember a month ago when we got the train to Perth, I started to read my book and managed just a page and a half before having to giving up, my eye still being too sensitive to bright light. Well maybe half way through our time in Scotland that sensitivity seemed to stop and the eye has been functioning pretty well since then, in fact the book was read without glasses, so it's all looking good. Another two weeks before I'm back at the hospital and hopefully they'll be as pleased with the results as I am.

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