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By HarlingDarling

Winter window in place

More words in a minute!

Today was another sorting out/getting winter-ready and we have worked independently most of the time. Keith was doing the heavy duty van work, removing the water pump so it doesn't freeze for example. That involves removing the bed, and scooping grit out of the tank - so it's a bigger job than you'd think. I cleared out the fridge and food cupboard and stashed everything in the house to be eaten up! We will probably use the van a few more times, but the water will be from bottles and jerry cans, and the food will be thought out ahead of travelling to make winter-camping life easier.

One of my tasks was to dry out the little single-glazed window, prepare the decorations and put in the second window. It's a pleasant job, and I enjoy doing it, it also signals that we are heading for winter - not that there is any doubt on that score when you look out of the window! I have left the paper tape out. Since the air is damp between the windows as yet, I have left the top and bottom un-taped till it looks dry in there. This is the way windows were treated in the whole house, before the advent of "connected windows, with hinged sections and fresh air between. Now there are sealed units, triple glazed and using energy glass that is as good an insulation as a wall!.
(we have examples of all of these, mostly the middle sort, which we intend to change but seem to keep being busy having fun in the van and never get round to it!)

I spent several hours in Betty's this afternoon making some movements in the general direction of Christmas cards, but was soon distracted and did the wilder splashy painting seen in the extra instead. Then I spent a while making a little book and reminding myself that I can in fact bind books. I got confused, like you do... 

Whilst doing this I was listening to the radio and hearing the happy tale of the release of an 85 year old peace activist who was kidnapped by Hamas from her kibbutz. Her daughter-in-law is Swedish so she was interviewed at some length. I hope and pray that all the people kidnapped and held as hostages can be released, and that the Israeli forces are kept in Israel till they are. Everything that delays (prevents?) a full scale invasion of Gaza is helpful, I believe it will save innocent lives. 

The horror that is war, I have lived most of my life many miles away from warfare. Now there is Russian aggression across the Baltic from me, and the middle east situation is directly affecting Sweden in some tragic ways. Two football supporters were killed and third badly injured whilst wearing their team's shirts before the match in Belgium. By an islamist terrorist and escaped criminal, who had somehow slipped through the net. He was shot dead. In Sweden there is a huge campaign to discredit Social Services with entirely made up claims that they are "stealing muslim children to make them Christian" - this in the most secular country on the planet. We live in scary times, sometimes confusing and often upsetting .I'm reading Sapiens and finding the calm reasoning of Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli thinker, a Buddist and all round interesting person a fine antidote to the news.

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