Ingunn in Oslo

By IngunnInOslo


Sorrow, grief and despair.

3000 Palestinian children killed in less in 3 weeks. 
Every 12 minutes a child dies. 
And still no ceasefire. 

Basheer, a partner in Gaza: 
Displaced due to the no-stop bombardment and relocated to the south of Gaza. He and so many others are in a devastating humanitarian situation. 

He struggles to provide the essentials for his children. They lack access to clean water and have to drink the limited and contaminated supply available. Bread is absent, and he try to soothe the children who constantly ask for bread. Food is so scarce that he can barely provide one meal a day. On top of their basic needs, he adds:

 "We spend our nights gazing at the sky, fearing the descent of the next missile. The darkness of the night terrifies us, as we anticipate death at any moment."

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