By CharlieMcNeilly

It's rubbish.

Today, after listening to Hibs Vs Celtic, I was thinking how I would get a photo to upload today, as I've stayed in...I remembered I had a good Nikon macro lens so I tried to find something other than money to take a picture of and found this.
I used to walk along the River Thames, both banks; one of my favourite spots was "Clinker Beach" which is a sliver of exposed river bank below East Tilbury Marshes - the edge of an old landfill site that is largely covered, now. The 'beach' itself is about 3/4 of a mile long and at low tide, there's a good extent of it. It's shingle, mud, rocks and wild plants AND a lot of glass, pottery and other mostly non-organic domestic rubbish - bits of bottles and crockery, cutlery, some bones, bricks and so on. It's not unusual to find whole objects, usually bottles, and occasionally ornaments. This is part of an ornament; a head, about the size of a brussels sprout. It'll have been there for 75 to 100 years. 
When I saw something interesting I would usually photograph it in situ but I seem to have taken this one, so it's today's Blip. I've placed it on The Map in the middle of Clinker Beach, where it really belongs.
The extra is the head of a handsome chap, who is probably still enjoying the beach. The photo may have been uploaded when I was previously a member of BlipFoto... It, too, is rubbish.

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