David J. Rose

By djrose007

Cobwebs, bats and bugs

American style Halloween is upon us so we have to decorate and greet lots of children 'Trick & Treating'.
We moved the battery tea lights from the dining room to the living room windowsill, along with the battery pumpkin.
Spread the cobweb stuff across the front of the house, hung two bats from the light but you can't see them because it is too bright. The bugs are all over the door and one on the light, they didn't see to want to stick to the wall.
We had quite a few groups of children, some not so young but they were all very well behaved apart from one boy who grabbed about half a dozen bags of Haribos and was quickly told to put them back and pick one! What did he think it was, Christmas? HAHAHAHAHAHA
I wore my witch outfit and mask, as from two days ago blip, and scared the bejeesus out of the smaller children. I had made some 'cookies' too, sort of gingerbread man shape. Offered them to the children and, as they were taking one, I told them I'd made them out of some children that had visited earlier - Some of the younger children looked shocked and terrified so I lifted my mask and told them I was joking. Some children are no fun!

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