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By CarrieMills

A trip to the fair.

Every year the fair comes to where we live. Every year we go and moan about it after, but we still go back.

It's been here since Wednesday and me Erin and Caleb have driven past it'' every day, twice a day going to and from the childminders. We told Erin that we were going today so we've been done a count down each morning (can't wait until she understands sleeps)

Before we went marks mum took the babies out for an hour to some miniature ride on trains and a park. And then it was time to go and spend far too much money.

The second Erin got there she wanted to go on everything (theres not much) but wouldn't let us walk around, think she thought we wouldn't come back to the rides.
The first ride was just some old sit ons, you know the ones that are outside supermarkets well clearly when they have done with them this ride buys them! Erin went in a alien spaceship that did nothing. The old man that ran it looked like he nodded off at one point and the ride lasted far too long!

Next was one of those huge inflatable slides. Erin was up that like lightning and came down it even faster. She quickly ran round and climb again but I think reality kicked in at the top and she just couldn't do it again! So the man running it climbed up (didn't know he was doing this until he was at the top) and slid down with her. Her face was classic fare!!!

The face on this picture says I love this ride two minutes later it didn't look like this. She lost us because of the sun in her eyes and was dizzy so she started to panic. For the first time ever at a fair you got your moneys worth but not when your child is shouting mum where are you, I want to stop now :( shame the women running the ride didn't hear her too.

A couple more rides later and blast on hook a duck and we were all ready to head home.

Same time next year x

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