Blippish Columbia

By OllieG99

The Graduate

I'm Finished.
Life as I know it has ended and my next adventure is around the corner.
11.30 marked the end of my final university exam and with glee we all threw ourselves to Fylde Bar on campus for celebratory drinks, with a slight detour to say bye to Natalia who head back home for a few days.

To break up a days worth of drinking I played a gig in the evening alongside one of my favourite campus bands, Fables, and Molly Warburton and the Shady Days, a local band who were absolutely cracking. A bunch of my mates showed up to cheer me on which was lovely, before we all headed back to ours to carry on drinking and head out to party.

I can't believe its over. But I'm glad I got to celebrate this evening with some of the best people.

The name of the 9 Lancaster Colleges are inscribed on the floor in our main square. This sums up today

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