Lost in Thought

By steveng

Not a day for outdoor coffee? (Sils370)

Possibly not a day for outdoor anything?
Heavy rain this morning so I spent some time on a Lightroom Training video and Gill made progress with a few arts projects.  She wanted some compost so as the rain had stopped (briefly) we trundled over to Farnborough and, with the rain still stopped, decided on Upton House for coffee.

The rain returned - and it was that high speed windscreen wipers variety. 

Stopped again by the time we were at Upton,  hence the Triptych.
A view of the car park!
Some "and finally" wonky veg*
An outdoor table with added leaf detail

Triptych from following one of John Gravett's YouTube videos. It was one of John's prompts that put me onto the Helios lens in my blip of yesterday, John has a video for that too.

* For those of us old enough to remember 'Thats Life' on Saturday evening BBC1.

Thanks to 60plus for hosting Silly Saturday.

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