By isbi

3rd Birthday

We celebrated the twins 3rd birthday with a party with their cousins. All the grandchildren except Jane made it into this picture.

Ayman loved his present (a Bluey garbage truck) so much he wanted to go home there and then and play with it (alone).

It was a lovely evening. Warm enough to eat outside (not common here) after a dip in the spa with several kids and H, O, Julia and me. 
Graham brought us cocktails but I've had more relaxing ones so I got out before it was completely diluted with chlorinated water.

Elizabeth and Adelaide serenaded us with violins and double bass for a while (extra) and that led to a Karaoke session. I've never done one before and Mr isbi hates the idea but it was great fun. 
Omar, Julia, Elizabeth, Adelaide and Bec sang along to Hamilton, Les Mis and other random songs. I can't sing a note but was a very appreciative audience. They appreciated it too, knowing I couldn't tell how bad it probably was. 
Mr isbi, Graham, Henry and Hugh got as far away as possible and watched the cricket.

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