....that's the plan to give some sunshine on a horrible wet day. OMG, it has rained incessantly half the night and all day, not stopped. As of 5 pm we have had 42mm of rain and there is not any sign of it letting up yet. The South Island is getting a hammering, Nelson area have coped it worse, but forecasters are expecting the front to head down our way, we don't want any more thank you very much!!!
Spot on weather for a Sunday, some baking, some knitting, some computer work and some doing nothing but watching golf on the TV this morning.

I could of blipped the rain of course, but these chrysanthemum's given to me yesterday begged to be blipped. Further to that, I kept dry.

Lensbaby, +4 macro and no aperture ring.

Again, thanks for all the comments on my Blip of the Week, thrilled :)


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