By WharfedaleBex

Less paddling, more wading

I've paddled a couple of times on my bike but mostly managed to cycle through. Wading is a new one!

I left it until the last minute to go out as the rain was due to stop. I did check the river level too which looked liked it was on the turn in the right direction but was well over the normal range. 

At the golf club in Ilkley, I could see water had filled the road and ventured in.  It was very quickly over my pedals - whether they were high or low.  I continued for a few turns, having to pedal quite hard, but started having visions of falling sideways as I slowed which, although the golf course was closed, I couldn't guarantee there were no observers looking out from the club house! Time to get off. It was knee height!  

For longer than I would have liked ideally, I waded through the current, realising at the other side that the car park just to my right and a couple of feet higher was dry!  

What I couldn't remember though was whether there were two entrances and whether I could have cycled out the other side.

Looking at Google maps, it looks like I could have done less wading but mini-white waters were crossing the exit point and the hole in the ground that I can see on Google may still be there so I could have toppled anyway.

Now, I might have given you the idea that this was the full Wharfe breaking its banks but it's just a tiny tributary that heads into it. So just a bit of safe entertainment and thankfully, no punctures!

Nothing like a bit of fun on another stormy day!

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