By Ridgeback13


Spent an hour with tea and word games in bed before setting off for the day. Nipped over to sea Kt (T is away at a meeting in Birmingham this week) and we took Heston for a walk given what a lovely day it was. We went round the lake and back up a little path to the new coffee shop where we had some lovely coffee with the many young mums and babies who were enjoying the relaxed space. Chatted on about various friends and family, her work and plans, dog training and Christmas ideas.
I left her to get back to work and drive down to P’s to start the house clearance. I worked on through the aftrnoon…cleaning, throwing out, sorting and packing up. I should perhaps have worked room by room but instead dotted about between different jobs and different parts of the house. Managed to fill two wheelie bins with recycling and rubbish, a box of crockery for the charity shop and a bag of things to take home. Did some laundry, hoovered downstairs, chucked out very many video tapes (of old TV programmes!) and bleached the kitchen.
Called it a day at 6pm and slogged back up the motorway and settled on K’s sofa for Thai red curry followed by Bakewell tart…I needed that!
Watched Repair Shop and Portrait Artist of the Year whilst we sorted through piles of embroidered linen serviettes I’d found in a drawer…..treasure trove!

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