By Shutterup

No photos...

I seem to have got into a space where I take no photos.. struggling to find time or inspiration to do so.  However a subject has arrived in the house today and will stay for a few days.. so out came the camera!!
Jasper is coming for a few days holiday with us.  Lovely, she seemed to take a liking to my basket and curled up inside it for a while. Sweet!
Busy day and have made the lunch or part of it for Sunday already.. the cooker needs a service and is not running well so no hope of a roast again this weekend.  A stew will suffice however.  We have friends we haven't seen in 25 years coming to visit.. she and I used to work in a kitchen together before that and have remained Christmas Card friends all this time.  Finally we are going to meet up which will be huge fun. 

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