By FlyingPRGal

Fresh n Tasty

Fresh N Tasty mousetrap set up. Let’s hope Mr Mouse agrees. Not convinced about the bait and wonder if a lump of cheese would be better.

Talking of cheese… I am cheesed off with a flying club friend who is testing my patience. He has been calling me almost daily for weeks with his career / business / lovelife problems ranting in great detail and asking my advice only to ask me how I am the last 5 mins of the call. And sometimes he doesn’t ask at all.

This evening he ranted for 10 minutes then when I started talking about me he wasn’t able to talk as he said he couldn’t miss “I’m a celebrity.” I will not be answering his calls for a while.

Since the film industry strikes began in mid July quite a few friends have been noticeable by their silence. Oh well you really know who your true friends are when times are tough.

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