Impressed, you are

It would have been impossible to take Matt to London without visiting the Star Wars exhibition at County Hall. So that was today's starting point.

He was about as excited as it's humanly possible to be, without bursting into flames. I have to say the whole thing's very good - and blimey, but Princess Leia's actual slave outfit is tiny. Funny how Yoda has become such an icon for the whole thing: he's certainly Matt's Jedi Master.

We'd planned to go for a boat trip on the river, but there wasn't really enough time. So we ended up going to the Imperial War Museum, where I admired the refreshingly no-nonsense approach of the safety warnings. A really thought-provoking place, as well as being stuffed with tanks and planes.

Delayed on the train out of London, which meant a breakneck dash across Newcastle station - but we made the connection. A perfect end to the weekend!

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