Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful


Pansies in the front garden.

Doing so much better than those in the back :)

A really bad night last night as I suddenly woke up very cold, and I'm normally very hot at night.  I couldn't warm up at all but eventually went back to sleep.  I was thinking about getting up at 3am to give a hot drink but I went to sleep...

Anyway, a lazy morning before I went to meet my ex boss for lunch at the office which has a cafe below.

Apparently the office is not being used enough and they've decided to move to a smaller venue early next year.

I had a jacket potato which was really big, and some cheese with veg.  My boss has a salad.

Afterwards I went to Hobbycraft which was very busy, to buy some black and white watercolour paint as the new set I found doesn't have either.  Expensive...

And now I'm home and in my pj's as its so dark znd cold again.

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