By BowenFoto

In office day

In the office today. I was going to take transit but I slept in and had to drive on, or miss the ferry. This is the view of Bowen from the stern of the ferry.

On the ferry I dressed the car in the red nose and antlers I bought when I was buying propane for the fire pit. It looks good but the effect is slightly lost with the ski rack. Unfortunately the ribbons and bells tied round the antlers are not robust and started falling off on the highway. I had to pull over to remove them.

Busy day at work again, but my newer colleagues who were not affected by the new email policy, were being very social. There was coffee out for the departing student and then, not long after, desk decorating and fika.

I came home on the early evening ferry, which is nice, since I will have more time at home.

Cancion del dia: Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Ritchie.
Word of the day: Fika

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