An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

And relax...


Agnes and Adrian headed to Alnwick today to have lunch and a good browse in Barter Books.  

David played golf at Eyemouth and I had lovely afternoon sitting in the peaceful cottage painting, with Lola by my side.

Decided to paint on hot press watercolour paper (my go to is cold press) Not particularly happy with the result (I like the idea of hot press paper and every so often I have a go on it but it only serves to remind me why I prefer cold press :-)) but I enjoyed the process and learned a few things so it wasn't a waste of an afternoon or paper :-)

The rest of the gang arrived back happy from their day's pursuits.  

After dinner we watched the final of the Great British Bake Off.  The best man won :-)

We then played two games - Me or You, where a scenario is given e.g. who's more likely to get a selfie with a celebrity, and a pub quiz.  We all downloaded buzzer sounds to our phones and this caused great hilarity.  If you ever download a buzzer app give the one called ELK a go.  That was mine!  :-))

Adrian won, I was a close second, D was last.  Agnes was the quizmaster. 

The side splitting moment of the evening was Adrian buzzing in to a question with the answer compote, which was correct!  The question was a bit convoluted and D and my brains were still trying to make sense of it, so when Adrian enthusiastically announced the answer, we were all gobsmacked that he even knew what compote is, never mind answer the question.  We laughed till our sides were sore!  Ok, so you had to be there :-))

Hoping to get to Amble tomorrow to the little shopping pods and have lunch but snow is forecast so time will tell.


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