Homeward Bound

Holiday over.

Well, not exactly. Jo and I have tomorrow to slot back into our lifestyles. To be honest, I am actually ready for work again. My boss will still be a dickhead and nothing will have changed but I am going back completely refreshed. Only a few months to go and I am finished with my trade. After that the world is my oyster...whatever that means.

I am typing this at 36000ft while we fly home. This is something new for me. Having a laptop is a bonus.Tonight we are flying Qantas and my one mistake was to assume that they don't serve meals on any internal flights anymore. Jo lost out bigtime. I didn't order her vegetarian. She may never forgive me. The inflight staff were fantastic though. They organised Jo a salad from business class which went a long way to getting me back in the good books.

On top of that we managed to jag exit seats. I went to check in online this morning and decided that the seats allocated already were just fine. On top of that we have 3 seats to ourselves. It is like first class.

So, if you in Australia and need to take an internal flight, fly Qantas. They look after you.

Our last day in Perth was laid back. Slept in, went shopping, drank wine for lunch and finally went to the airport.

We well be very late back but hey, it's Sunday tomorrow.

Late Edit:

I got thouroughly irritated in the taxi rank at the airport. The contoller was not in control. Miles of queing lanes and the clown had the entrances blocked. 3 cabs waiting and one group. Jo and I turned up and had to cross a chained off area to get into the non-existant queue. My suitcase fell off the curb and control was nearly completely lost. Thankfully there was a cab ready to go or I would have given the controiller a spray. For goodness sakes, how hard can it be?

And the clock just clicked over to Sunday.

Morning everyone.

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