By JanetMayes

In the brassica bed

After enjoying my post-yoga coffee and second breakfast, I realised it wasn't raining and reluctantly decided I needed to take the opportunity to bring in some brassicas. We have had quite a good crop of late autumn cabbages and cauliflowers, and the cavallo nero and curly kale are thriving, if a little eaten, so I'm trying to harvest and prepare things regularly before they spoil. The brassica bed, like the whole garden, was very squelchy and horribly muddy - I really should not be walking on it when it's so wet, but if we are to eat the vegetables I can't avoid putting my feet down beside them. I brought in three fairly small cabbages which looked rather manky on the outside but proved perfect for our evening stir-fry once I'd removed a few outer leaves, picked a big box of cavallo nero to prepare for the freezer, and discovered that the cauliflowers have not coped with the heavy frosts and snow of the past week, despite their protective fleece, and were clearly significantly frost damaged. I cut all seven and am salvaging what I can from them for soup or curry. Last time I looked, they were in good condition and still growing; I've not grown this variety before, and had thought it might be a bit tougher. I'll know next year that they need to be planted and harvested a little earlier, but am pleased that we've eaten so many good cauliflowers over the past few weeks.

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