Which is binary for 700. How about that eh.

Binary? Well I learnt a few things today, as if I really wanted to, about computers and video cameras. And I still didn't really get my answer, capturing HD video from a Canon HV20 into Photoshop Premiere. Computers/binary - crazy man!

The other thing I learned today was about mailboxes. There are good suburbs, and bad suburbs, for taking shots of numbers. Basically, the richer they are, the posher the mailboxes, but the more boring. No character ...

So if you live in Fendalton, go and check your mailbox. Does it have character? Probably not; hope you have an interesting life anyway ...

Good numbers = mailboxes with character = less posh places. A future study will include if the people are as boring as their mailboxes.

What else did I learn today? Well, if you are going to spend all day on a computer, try to spend it on blip, rather than friggin video capturing. Blip is far more rewarding!

It's not an official blipday (so don't tell a certain blipper) but I am celebrating anyway, to myself, to all you great people, and to blip central of course ;-)

Blip on!

1yr ago - one of my favourite images.

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