By Arachne

Through a glass

There was a photo in front of me today that I really wanted to take. It was light and shadow through a hundred or so plastic wine'glasses' set out on a white tablecloth. But I didn't have time. It's been a very busy day.

I don't own a hundred wineglasses but I've tried to play homage to it at home.

I work for Crisis, the homeless charity, and each December each of their offices around the UK puts on a carol service, in a church, followed by wine and mince pies. Last year I helped, this year I have done almost all the organising myself. By a very long way it's not the sort of event I want to organise but I have been conscientious and it went as it should this evening. Two members of Crisis's senior management team, based in London, came. One introduced herself to me and I told her I was the administrator of the Oxford office, which she probably knew was a half-time role. 'Ah, but it's a team effort,' she said.

Ooh what a rich six/seven words those are for discourse analysis! Implication - I am too lowly to take charge of an event but we are an organisation that believes in valuing everyone so the contribution I probably made deserves a pat on the back.

I have no interest in status or in winning approval. But I am interested in how we all make assumptions and how we all unwittingly give ourselves away. When and how have I said or done something that undervalued another person, however kindly? More importantly, how can I avoid that in the future?

It is hard work being on one's toes all the time...

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