By rogier64

What's Eating My Plants?!

This grove snail or brown-lipped snail (Cepaea nemoralis) is slightly larger than the white-lipped Garden Snail (Cepaea hortensis).

Grove snails are highly polymorphic in their shell colour and banding.

The shell is spherical, about 2.5 centimeters in diameter and has five whorls, actually five-and-a-half. The shell is mostly striped and has one to five dark brown stripes. Specimens with many stripes live in more vegetated sites, less banded snails often live in open areas as grasslands.

The aqueous body is gray in color and slightly translucent. The top two stalks have eyes, the bottom serve to recognize odors and are probably much more important in finding food.

BTW : the whorls are one of the many geometrical forms Gaudi used for his designs.

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