A Daily Dose

By suejay50


Just for my memory.... not  very interesting so please don't feel the need to read through.
I was taken back to my house today and after sorting the letters etc that had been delivered, checking everything was okay I did my second attempt at walking up the stairs.  I had thought to get a stair lift but today, having managed to 'do' the stairs a lot easier than last time I went, I felt it would be an unnecessary accessory to the house. Still tough but manageable. 
Terri popped round for a cuppa which was lovely.
When friend Sue called to collect me we went to M&S for some shopping; walking around a store is tedious and very tiring when on crutches.  Folk either walk into you, ignore you or give you a wide berth.......I prefer the wide berth, still being a little less steady on the pins.
We did not get home until gone 2.00 pm so after lunch I had to retire to lie down.
Now I have wrapped a few gifts ready for tomorrow which is week two since the operation and the day of my last Christmas group lunch.  My dressing will be removed....yeah...
These 'lines' are on the wallpaper in the bedroom, and obviously I have played a bit....not very exciting but still.....

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