By FoundWanting

The gallery scene

Took the pup for her early evening newspaper deposit and perusal around the chilly ‘hood tonight. On our perambulations we passed our local gallery space which currently had exhibitions (and I think attendance) of three local artists. I regularly find reason to drag the wee beast past the large street side windows of this building with its ever changing exhibitions though I lack the confidence to go in for closer interaction.
Tonight, I felt suddenly and overwhelmingly grateful that, for the moment, we have a safe, accessible and respected environment for artists and their creations on my doorstep. In fact I live in a city, a country, a Europe fat with safe, accessible and respected environments for artists and their creative products. Apart from the odd mildly irritating activist rendered soup or glue attack, currently I don’t have to contend with bombs or missiles falling from the sky, or armed men striding through these sanctuaries with intent to wipe out or loot another culture’s art. And I certainly do not have to step over rubble and the dismembered bodies of my family, friends and neighbours in order to visit and enjoy these places.
Talking of cultural landmarks, museums, libraries and galleries, I am sadly befuddled as to what and how much we have lost over the millennia during humanity’s quests against humanity. With all this history and art being lost, no wonder we can’t learn.
Consideration for the placement thereof … for both sides.

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