Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Second Stop: Martinique

Back blipping the holiday. This one is a saga; still more to come.

Our second day was in Martinique, technically part of France and in the EU. Sailing in to the port it was immediately obvious that this was a more affluent island with high rises on the shore line. Unfortunately we were still in shopping mode but at least the main high street had a good selection of fashion shops and we were able to supplement our wardrobes, though shoes for a big-footed person like me was proving a challenge.

Chatting to some of the shop owners confirmed that more support was available to them from France during the pandemic, than for some of the other islands we’re visiting.

We were able to relax a bit more in the afternoon, before watching one of the entertainments that fill many parts of the ship in the evening. For a ship that can accommodate over 5,000 guests, it doesn’t feel crowded, is well designed and relatively easy to find your way around.

On the suitcase issue, the latest is that they still haven’t been found! It’s unusual to be allowed to post a shot of L; she often describes herself as Mrs Colombo. Here we can be seen wearing some of our purchases from St Kitts.

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