By TrishaR

Cafe Tabou

Here we are in one of favourite restaurants in Perth having the last breakfast before Christmas. We were all togged up in the waterproofs as it was a wet and blustery morning.

I got a shock as I thought the gang were having their own Christmas at their own house after enjoying having it there last year with my mum cos us two had Covid! And because I thought this we hadn’t bought much in the way of food as I’m a simpleton where food is concerned not really stuffing my face like the gang like to do !

It was all systems go. I had already bought a chicken for four yesterday but now we needed a turkey crown…. And the rest….

All was well we got everything and we will be back tomorrow….. we don’t even have a tree up cos I wasn’t feeling it but will get pellets if I do t have one for Christmas Day for them.

It was a quiet evening watching a very good drama on Apple TV called the Shining Girls with Elizabeth Moss and Jamie Bell. And some crocheting.

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