There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Vernal Pond Reflections: A Pointillist's Dream

Now that there is water in all of the little vernal ponds again, I am a woman in love. And deer season is over, so I'm unleashed. The woods belong to me again! The ponds are mine!

The weather has been doing uppy-downy things. Sometimes it's cold enough for frozen bubbles. Other times, everything melts. The condition of the ponds on this day was this: slurry ice.

There are little floating granules of ice on the top. I believe that's how it works, as ice molecules are further apart than water molecules: thus, they float. 

The reflections on the slurry ice looked like little dots of color, in the style of pointillism. (Think of Seurat's colorful and dotty Island of La Grande Jatte.) I liked how the tree reflections appeared on the slurry ice, so here's my blip for the day!

My soundtrack song is for me and my on-going love affair with the ponds in the Barrens: here's Barbra Streisand, with Woman in Love.

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