Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Bus Trip to St George’s

Merry Christmas to everyone here.  We’re just coming to terms with what happened and a rather alternative Christmas Day than was planned.  We headed out with some of the other passengers on a bus to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St George’s in Bermuda.  It was quite surreal to walk around an almost empty town and former capital of Bermuda in glorious sunshine, warmed by the southern winds.

The hotel we’re staying at is getting busy with another batch of American guests arriving today.  As a result some of the stranded passengers have to  move rooms and meal times have two sittings.  We waited until late evening and joined another lovely couple from Shropshire to while away the time.

Stories are coming out from other passengers.  Apparently one of the pilots was in the toilet when we entered the turbulence.  He was injured despite media reports to the contrary.  Many of the cabin crew were hurt; a couple at the front of the plane were seen flying through the air before hitting the ceiling and then crashing back down to the floor as the plane ended its fall. They did valiantly to carry on looking after the passengers after what had happened.

There is a lot of apprehension about getting back on the same plane.  We initially were told we would fly out Christmas Eve evening, then Christmas Day, which subsequently was delayed and now we are told it will be on Boxing Day, the latest as we go to bed is that we will be picked up from the hotel at midday.

Communication has been patchy.  Most people are getting text updates from P&O, the hotel manager is being sent emails form the flight agents, based in Dubai.  He is getting updated information before us and is uncomfortable to be the messenger of more delays.  That it is Christmas Day is probably adding to the mixed messages.  

Enterprising passengers are checking other sources and it is now apparent that another Maleth plane is flying out from Gatwick airport, arriving about midday on Boxing Day.  Another flight using this plane is due to leave Bermuda for Manchester just after 4 pm the same day, arriving back into the UK early Wednesday morning.

Will be glad for this saga to finally end, though with our luck on this holiday ……………………

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