By wellsforzoe

Family c0-0perative farm

This is some of the women in the group (the men and women never sit together).
They have been cutting and clearing years of growth on a piece of land that the chief donated to the project.
The idea is that we advise and motivate them to use a conservation farming system.
We will (together) use a minimum till system, use open pollinated seeds, Use no artificial fertiliser and no chemical pesticides (as we already do on our other farms.)

We have included the Ministry in our deliberations and hope that they will become involved in what will become another model farm.

Robert wrote:
Hi John

I had network problem yesterday. So I was failled to send pictures.
Today I tried.

Yesterday I went to Misilu Kadambo with Harisen and Dupu to continue
our programm. It seems that at first they didn't know exactly what they are
doing.Dupu explained the word Co-operative to them, and we advised them
that to make a committee of the farm, rules and regulations and a plan
of activities for each week.
Next week i will be there for making Zambian type compost.

Benidicto (head of pest control and herbs at Lusangazi farm) went to a meeting for a local Agriculture Show which will be held on 28 June at Lusangazi school.

All is well.

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