By kamran

Zero blip

Original blip picture was removed by moderators because of nudity reasons. Don't want to bother them again. Instead I am uploading this picture which isn't really the blip of the day. This picture was taken backstage in a belly dance show and would have been my last choice from today's pictures. But hey, at least it's clean. Well, may be.

----------------------Original blip text --------------------------
Happened to visit Sarah Young erotic shop in Magdeburg today. I had never been in the shop before but was always curious to see what was inside. Few weeks ago I read a poster hanging outside the shop mentioning the visit of some porn actresses on 11th may. A golden chance that I didn't want to miss.
It was full house. Three porn actresses were busy in giving autographs to people standing in a long queue. People were taking pictures of them and with them. There were lot of cameras pointing at them. At some occassions porn girls slipped their upper clothes down to become topless or pulled their skirts up and exposed their asses. It was the first time I had seen a topless woman so close to me. Obviously I was shy taking pictures but camera clicked anyway. Shop was full of porn movies, magazines, sex toys, and many other strange things that I couldn't imagine before. Did I tell I gave my camera to one guy in the shop to take my picture with one porn actress ;-)
NOTICE: I dare NOT to upload any many pictures I took of them.

Earlier in the day, I was in a pet shop for taking pictures. see this
Later in the evening, I went to attend a Belly Dance show with friends. Was a treat to watch. Took some pictures of stage performance. Luckily I was also granted permission to photograph back-stage and see how much preparation and stress is involved behind the scenes.
Eventually my 2GB card was full with jpegs and I had to delete some pictures to make space for the new ones. I had taken 900 pictures in the day. NO bracketing and NO continuous-shooting mode.

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