Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

A Knock on the Door

An early morning knock on the door and a DPD driver with a parcel that wasn’t expected.  It soon dawned on me when I saw Fortnum and Mason on the box, that P&O had delivered on their gesture of goodwill mentioned in the telephone call on Wednesday.

It’s been quite interesting how much chatter there has been in groups on Facebook relating to cruises, flights and our particular ill-fated flight, operated by P&O.  It is interesting how quickly they can be hijacked by a few voices, stifling open dialogue and perpetuating a certain narrative which is negative.  In my view, P&O had no imperative to send this goodwill parcel, yet the main response being shared was that of being offended by the gift. I’m not engaging with the group, but will monitor activity. It is frustrating that an opportunity to share information with a widespread group of people is influenced by these keyboard warriors.

We went to visit the stables for a couple of hours, though L has been advised not to ride while her symptoms remain. Other than that it was another quiet day.

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