Between fen and mountains

By Tickytocky

Old school

It is fifteen years since I was deputy head of this fine institution, a school for children with learning difficulties and autism. It was the school's 60th birthday so a celebration was held and all former staff and pupils invited. Some people say you should never go back but I disagree. I may be in the minority with this point of view as few former teachers attended. However, this place is a significant part of my personal history and influenced my life in all sorts of ways. I may no longer be part of it but it is irrevocably part of me. Anyway, as it is in my village, I am hardly likely to forget it. It was interesting to see how the school has changed and expanded since I left. There were parts of it I found difficult to find my way around. It was good to catch up with a few ex colleagues but bizarre that most of the people there did not know who I was. It is always good to be reminded of the salutary lesson that times change, things move on and no-one is indispensable. I enjoyed my visit.

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