By LooseCanon

Every picture tells a story!

Three months ago I had a routine blood test which showed that I was anaemic.  As a result I had a load of tests which thankfully ruled out the more serious causes but they. did reveal that I have Coeliac Disease.   This came as a complete shock but was quite a relief in view of the alternative causes.

As a result I am now on a Gluten Free diet which is a bit of a pain to put it mildly.   

The most difficult thing I find is breakfast as most (nice) cereals are now forbidden.  

Bread is also a problem as GF bread is not the same as 'real' bread.   Both texture and flavour are adversely affected.   However,  after considerable trial and error I have discovered that it is possible to make a nice GF loaf in the bread maker.   

This is what I made yesterday.   It tastes good and makes nice toast.  I am sure that I will get even better at it with time.

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