By ArachneToo


When I first saw this house and realised that the garden backed on to a car park I was excited. I thought there might be scope for me to negotiate rear access so I could store my bike in the back garden.  After I moved in, it didn't take me long to negotiate access through the car park for the building work, with the only stipulations being that I respect their use of the car park and ask permission before each delivery and that I reinstate the fence when the work was finished. I've been very lucky that, despite my building work being so badly delayed, the new owners of the car park honoured the agreement that their predecessors had made. It's been a boon. But at the first rains after the fence between us was down I discovered that the lowest point of the car park is right behind my garden and when it rains the water pours in. So I determined to build a dam between us before reinstating the fence. The work started today with foundation-trench digging and removing a concrete post that would have made watertightness impossible.

The bricklayers are on site with the landscapers. Two different companies, masses of good humour and co-operation.

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