By WharfedaleBex

Much needed leg stretch

After a week of car touring and slow potters, this was amazing - especially with the barn owl that flew alongside at Barden.

Despite being jaded and going more exceptionally slowly than usual, my body feels a whole load better. To find this sunshine as I emerged onto Malham Moor from Littondale was a delight.

I'd quite like to know if the two guys who sank in the moor as they tried to  turn their van round at the top of Brootes Lane made it out! I pointed them in the direction of the farm which was only a 15 minute walk downhill and waved down a tractor who might help their slight error of judgement although he didn't head right up and help them out. 

One of the guys asked to borrow my bike. If I'd been quicker I should have said he'd get to the farm quickly but I doubt he would be able to get back up the hill - but I wasn't quick enough.  

Awful for them because the road was actually passable despite the many road closed signs which they'd finally believed a little too late!

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