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By Mobius

The Weak

..must suffer what they must?

As usual at this time of year today, I continued re-setting myself , getting organised & taking stock. Having pondered the many current injustices & ills of this world this evening I wanted to scream - but did this installation instead. 

* Middle East
* Increased inequality in the UK
* Climate Damage
* The rise in populism / nationalism across the western world & media manipulation

Installation - (anti clockwise)
* The Clash - The Clash
* GY!BE - Luciferian Towers
* Idles - Brutalism (nb track "Mother" - .."The best way to scare a Tory is to read and get rich")
* Rifle sticker - "Operating in built up areas"
* Idles patch - "Do you hear that thunder"
Mark Thomas - Tea Towel - Domestic Extremist - an imprecise term in the UK with many different definitions per MI5, The Police et al and not necessarily a criminal activity.

Palestine - History. A very well informed XR activist couple shared the  detailed history below tonight, ahead of it being discussed at our next meeting (very long - for reference - fascinating).

Am fine. A little concerned about my muscles body-wide that are tight, and a bit painful after stretching moderately. Note to self - be more gentle.

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