The Edge of the Wold

By gladders


It was a cooler day today, and I went for my morning walk up Worsendale, where there was a little sleet lying towards the top.  The Highlands are well insulated from the cold, and this morning several of them were obligingly gathered close to the fence enjoying the longer grass at the field edge.

Back at base, Pete the builder was back from last week's away break with the grandchildren, and work on insulating the roof continued.

I had my four monthly haematology appointment in York in the afternoon.  The result of the blood test is that everything remains stable, which is a relief, given that a year ago the trend appeared to be downwards and there was talk of another round of treatment being needed within eighteen months.  So we keep doing what we've been doing - lots of exercise, good sleep, and cooking all our food from scratch.  Something is working.

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