By seizetheday


A thoroughly dreary day weatherwise - non-stop mizzle to varying degrees, and it never seemed to get properly light!

A busy day. Walked in to Holmfirth for a percussion taster session with Valley Beats. Great fun, with a friendly group of people, including long-time friends Liz and June who turned up unexpectedly. 

From there straight to the surgery for my annual blood pressure review. Left with instructions to record my BP at home every day for a week, as  it's rather high. No surprise there! After Christmas and birthday celebrations and less-than-healthy food while we were away, I suspect that my cholesterol levels will prove to be high too. Glanced at my arm in the evening and wasn't surprised to find a huge purple bruise - will avoid that particular nurse when I need another blood test!

Our ancient microwave oven has given up the ghost and pinged for the last time, so MrM and I decided to go to Curry's to buy a replacement. Easier said than done. We wanted a conventional one, and after spending an age choosing from the microwaves on display (why so many by the same manufacturer with hardly any difference between them apart from price?), eventually found an assistant. He informed us that it was out of stock as, indeed, were most of the microwaves on display. We chose another that was actually in stock, and also bought a replacement blender to replace the one that is falling apart.

While we were in Huddersfield we decided to go to Sainsbury's, where there's much more choice than in the local supermarkets. It always takes longer than we think to walk around the large still-unfamiliar supermarket to find the things we need, and we were both surprised at how late it was when we emerged in to  rush-hour traffic...

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