The last day of our short break, and the weather had returned to winter, with a strong icy east wind. We started the day with a walk on Hornsea Beach - bracing to say the least! We watched a feeding frenzy of gulls in the waves, and I eventually wandered over to see what they were feeding on. When I arrived there was an aggregation of washed up corpses - including this stunningly coloured lobster, a puffin, two razorbills and a lumpsucker. I'm not sure why they had all accumulated in such a small area, as most of the beach had nothing washed up.

We had hoped to spend the day out and about before heading home in the evening, but the weather was so cold, and with rain forecast, that we changed our plans and headed towards Beverley to find some lunch. This was actually a very characterful town and we especially enjoyed visiting the Minster, although we ended up being trapped in the church as a funeral arrived, which was rather awkward. We had an excellent pub lunch and then headed to Sheffield to drop off Chris and Lizzy. We finally arrived home in the early evening, so I think we made the best of the day.

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