Keith B

By keibr

Bread or porridge?

After our time away and a looong drive home yesterday we were well tired today. Basically I took it easy but towards the end of the day decided to try out a new (to me) sourdough recipe from "The Bread Code" channel on YouTube..
What is different about this recipe is that it uses a fair amount of old sourdough starter (the discard portion) and uses the same weight of flour and water (100% hydration) so there's no way you can do more than stir it with a spoon. The final consistency is about like porridge. The slight yellow tinge is due to some turmeric being added as my own little experiment.
This is going to sit in a cool place (about 10°C) overnight, and then tomorrow it will poured(!) into a well greased loaf tin and left to rise for about three hours. I guess the resulting bread will be tomorrow's blip.

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