Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal


Kilda woke up yelping at about 2am this morning and wouldn’t settle for the rest of the night. Gave her her breakfast and noticed it was when she bend her head down to eat that she yelped, can only think that she has pulled something on the run last night. Worked from home in the morning so we could take her to the vets at lunchtime. Typical that when she was there she never yelped at all even when she had to bend down to get a treat. Vet checked her over and has given us some painkillers with anti-inflammatory stuff in it so hopefully that will do the trick, along with some rest. New boss wanted me to go into the office in the afternoon so dropped Kilda back home and went in, turned out for no reason at all. Took the dogs up town to collect some stuff from Boots and Kilda was still yelping sometimes and then got an early night.

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