By dogwithnobrain

You are everything, and everything is you...

Himself still cannot get his shoes on, and so it was down to me myself and I to get the shopping today. 

I left the house with my list, library first to collect his pre-ordered book.   Not one, but three.   Books collected and deposited in car; and I headed round the square to go to Chemist and Travel Agent.  

did both of them, and headed up to visit me mam for five minutes. 

Headed then to Morrison, did the round in Morrison, think I got everything, but ptobably not.   

Saw this sign as I rounded the last aisle.  I did actually feel like sitting there and sobbing.   But i decided against it. 

Did my packing which was spoilt by my packing the handles of the bag inside the bag.  Headed back to the car, and one of my unused bags took off across the car park, i steadied the trolley and took off after it. 

Up one aisle, round the corner, driven over by two cars, and then I reached it and grabbed for it, and pulled something in my lower back.  I stood... well, crouched for a minute or two and then staggered back to the car. 

Pills taken when I got home, and then I pilled himself into the car, with a rug for his toes. and we took a wee run to get more birdie food. 

When we came home I was filling it up and was met by Tooli's voice coming through, "I've been waiting here forever for you to appear". 

I sat in the garden and chatted with her for a little while. 

then in the evening I bathed my willow (See extra) 

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