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The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Today we headed to The Spring Arts Centre, in Havant, to see a very special performance of The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

It was very exciting. Girl and I had to sit inside a big box on a big chair. and then we were given a private 5 minute show of the story through three opening an dclosing windows of performance.

It was very good but a bit strange particularly when real peoples faces came to the windows. Girl got a bit scared in the middle of the show but I managed to convince her to stick it out till the end, which she did, though I think she may have lost track of the story a little bit though.

Even so, she said she enjoyed it. It was just as much fun watching the show from the outside when our friends went in for their go after us. It is a brilliant set up with lots of people working perfectly choreographed around each other all delivering backgrounds, performance and puppetry. Vary good indeed.

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