Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Hooray Goldcrest!

I've washed down the walls in the upstairs loo today and then took some time to tidy everything away, always a chore.  We'll see what the plasterer says when he calls tomorrow.

It's been a good day for solar (apologies, we get quite nerdy about it when we have a sunny day!) so I've emptied the washbasket and Tony has been busy making chicken stock and apple pies whilst fuel is cheap.

I took time out to put the camera out of the bedroom window and was trying to catch a very flighty long tailed tit which flew off, revealing in the tree behind, this goldcrest!  Yay, we haven't seen one in far too long.  

Time to bring in the washing as the sun is dipping now, and then put on several layers for an after dark hobble.  It will be good to see everyone, but boy is it cold out there, not complaining though!

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